About Me

When graphic designer Eddie Ayoub borrowed a camera from his cousin a few years back, he had no idea that someday in the future, he’d have a lot more to owe him than the return of the camera. For it was the grip of an image and the click of a button that captured the world in parallel perspective for Eddie, and a passion for seeing things in a different way clicked inside him until he was compelled to share these perspectives with the world.

Since then, Eddie has documented the eventful and the everyday – both as a hobby and as a personalised service to an increasingly impressed clientele. His eye for capturing some of life’s greater glories supports his belief that photography was born with him. In fact, he’s banked his passions on this opportunity to share hope, happiness and peace with the world by showcasing everyday sights in a manner that makes people see what they don’t usually see.

This love and passion means there was no limit to his learning and love for the craft – in fact, he taught himself the trade by experimenting with settings, scenes and styles. Then again, for someone who grew up in a little village of an ancient country that folklore and history are made of, you would not expect any less. The beauty of his natural surroundings – lush greenery, dusty dirt roads, snow-topped mountains, tumbling valleys, and creek beds and caves – meshed with old ways of living untarnished by modernity compelled Eddie to, as he sees it, share the beauty of God’s work with other people.

These days, and in entirely different surroundings having migrated to Australia in 2004, Eddie is still on his mission. A collection of cameras means that there is no longer a need to borrow, but there is always something to learn. For Eddie Ayoub, photography is about capturing the moments that will never happen again, while injecting life in them – making them a true essence of our reality. Peace, love, hope and beauty – and everything that life and passion are made of.